Dust suppression water system is the go-to product from Morris Site Machinery

An innovative pressurised water system hailed as a game changer is expected to be a top go-to product in the Morris Site Machinery range.

The Makinex Hose 2 Go is a dust suppression tool and portable water supply. It provides a constant and accurate flow of water to suppress the dust when cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete.

Once Hose 2 Go has been filled from a tap, the portable water supply allows users to suppress dust and keep the blade cool when cutting, core drilling and grinding concrete, without the need to drag hoses around site.

The equipment enables water to flow without the use of a pump, battery or electronics. Lightweight and portable, its 13.8 litre capacity provides up to 30 minutes of constant flowing water, with no need to manually pump to get the required water pressure. 

Developed in Australia and now available from the Morris Select Range, it is different to any other product on the market.

Richard Denholm, Sales Director, Morris Site Machinery, said: “We’re very excited about the Hose 2 Go because it delivers innovation and a more efficient and safer way of working by suppressing dust.

“It will help users work more efficiently as they will not have to find a water source every time they drill. There will be no need to manually pump and they will not be hampered by batteries going flat. For those planning refurbishment projects in the New Year it is an ideal piece of equipment.

“We are expecting it to be a popular addition to our range of quality products as it can be used on a variety of jobs, particularly plumbing, flooring, core drilling, concrete cutting and washing down equipment after use.”

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